Hamilton Community Scholarship Instructions




             This educational scholarship program is designed for the students of Hamilton County, Nebraska.  Applicants will be judged on scholarship, community involvement, letters of recommendation, quality of essay and, when required, financial need.  Only one online submittal needs be filled out in order to qualify for consideration of all scholarships offered.

             Specific guidelines for each scholarship are set forth in the “Letter of Gift” that has been provided by the donors and filed with the Foundation.  The “Letter of Gift” may specify a preference in the field of study, academic achievement, educational goals and general worthiness of the applicant.  These preferences may be found in the listing of 2017 Scholarships and Educational Grants.

The deadline for the scholarship application to be submitted is March 10, 2017.

 Application Procedures – Please read ALL instructions before proceeding:

Before beginning to work on the application make sure that your computer has the latest version of Adobe Reader and check to make sure that pdfs open in Adobe Reader.  Below are picture instructions on how to check your pdf default settings on a Mac.  Do this before doing anything else.

Check Default Settings on a Mac

You can save the application on the website by following the picture instructions on how to download the application to your computer for both Macs and PCs.

Mac Download Instructions

You will be able to work on the application at your own pace and save your work and come back to the application if you follow the instructions on how to save your application as shown above.  When you are finished, go to the last page of the application, hit submit and you will get a green screen confirming that your application has been submitted.  You can email the Hamilton Community Foundation at hcfscholarship@hamilton.net  to confirm that your application was received.

  1. There are 2 scholarship application options available to choose from.  The one that is labeled for computers is for personal computers and laptops. After hitting submit, if you are connected to the internet and have provided an email address on your application, you will then have a message on your screen that your application has been sent successfully.  The application labeled “iPad users” is for iPad and tablet users only.  iPad users will not receive a confirmation message.  Please follow the instructions for iPad users to submit your application.
  2. Questions – Please answer all of the 26 questions.  Some questions sound similar but all questions pertain to individual scholarships and their “Letter of Gift”.
  3. Check Off Sheet – It is the responsibility of the applicant to review and then mark only the scholarships for which they meet the eligibility requirements.  The requirements are found in the 2017 Scholarships and Educational Grants Brochure.
  4. Financial Need Information Form (optional) –  This form must be filled out and submitted in order to be eligible for those scholarships that are designated in the 2017 Scholarships and  Educational Grants Brochure as need based.
  5. Essay – The essay should be concise and informative, explaining educational and career goals.  An Activites resume, or listing of extracurricular activities including school and community must also be included, but please limit your essay/activities resume to 2 letter sized pages.   When saving your essay be sure to use your FULL NAME in the title i.e. johnsmithessay.doc and send to hcfscholarship@hamilton.net.
  6. Official Transcript – If applying at the high school level, please submit transcript of work completed whether a graduate or not. If you have attended an educational institution beyond the high school level, then submit a transcript that includes the most recent semester of education completed.  The transcript must be OFFICIAL, issued by the educational institution.  Copies will not be accepted.  Transcripts can be mailed by the educational institution to:  Scholarship Committee, PO Box 283, Aurora, NE  68818
  7. Letters of recommendation – A letter of recommendation is to be provided from each of the following areas( Limit 2 references all together):       

        a. *Character reference – a person qualified to furnish information about involvement in community, work or job related, etc.       

        b. *Educator – a person familiar with your scholastic and leadership abilities as well as your achievements at the most recent level of your education.

Recommendation forms can be printed from the web site.  The recommendations should be mailed to:  Scholarship Committee, Box 283, Aurora, NE  68818.

8.  Picture – Your picture should be scanned then saved as your FULL NAME in a .jpg format and sent to hcfscholarship@hamilton.net

For further information, please contact the Hamilton Community Foundation at 402-694-3200 or e-mail hcfscholarship@hamilton.net.