Farmers Valley Cemetery

                                                     In response to the devastating damage to the Farmer Valley Cemetery,                                                         the Foundation provided a grant for the new iron gate at the entrance.

When filling out the grant application, do not put proposals in binders, notebooks or other presentation packets.  Please do not send additional materials (articles, brochures letters etc.) unless they contribute to our understanding in an important way.

 Contact Information (if you have any questions):

Telephone:     402-694-3200

Address:         1216 L Street, P.O. Box 283, Aurora, NE 68818

Fax:                402-694-6160

Email:    or  

Grant applications are considered quarterly by the Foundation Grant Committee whose recommendations are then presented to the Board of Directors for final decision.  The grant calendar is as follows:


Grant Proposal Deadline                   Grants Committee Meeting              Board Meeting & Final Decision

Round 1          January 15                  4th week of January                            1st Monday in February

Round 2          April 15                        4th week of April                                 1st Monday in May

Round 3          July 15                         4th week of July                                  1st Monday in August

Round 4          October 15                   4th week of October                           1st Monday in November

Additional contact and correspondence with Foundation and committee members, when necessary will be conducted following a preliminary review of proposals.

NOTE:  Open up the grant application and fill out with your computer.  No handwritten grants will be accepted.  Please provide one original and 20 copies of the application.


Grant Guidelines

HCF Grant Application


Grants Feature 2


The Aurora Airport was at the recipient of funds to provide a much needed

tornado shelter.  The City of Aurora partnered in the project by providing

equipment and labor to install the unit.